Christmas wall hanging and Iris Folding Patterns

December 4, 2007

I got invited to a Christmas Craft evening at one of the local churches in my town.  We could choose 3 out of 4 crafts.  It was so much fun, I still can’t believe I made that wall hanging in the photo!  It’s just an old wire coat hanger lengthened out, a block of oasis that had been soaked in water for a while then wrapped in cling film, then just add layers of the plant material there plus some baubles and artificial flowers and a ribbon.

I also learnt how to do iris folding cards which look impressive too.  You can find the instructions here.  There are lots of patterns for the cut-out; christmas trees, angels, stockings, hearts and more!  I think I might get addicted to this one.

The last craft I did was decorating small cards with glitter pens, bows, sparkly stickers and more, they could be used as christmas cards or gift tags or place name cards, some were christmas tree shaped, some were cracker shaped.

I think I must just be a big kid, I love creating stuff!

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