Easter Fun

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!  I hope you are finding time for some fun during the easter break.  As you can see we’ve been busy decorating twigs (forsythia branches that I pruned a few weeks ago).  We’ve also been painting and making baskets, and of course having easter egg hunts.

This is the first time that I, oops I mean the Easter bunny has scattered eggs in the snow!  I think the girls found them all, I’ll have to check once the snow melts.

I haven’t had time to write about using herbs to dye eggs with for Easter but these two websites have:  Herb society’s article on dyeing eggs using herbs and Learning Herbs article about colouring eggs with natural dyes which also has  step by step photos.

Off to check the roast dinner now.  Yum, yum!

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1 Joy 03.23.08 at 6:02 pm

Good post with great links .. yes .. the snow factor is pretty well spread everywhere on the “northern” ? gardeners .. haha .. I’m sure the girls don’t mind the snow too much when they can find those Easter eggs a little easier ! haha

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