Happy Valentines Day! The Language of Flowers

February 14, 2008

Is there a hidden meaning in your bouquet?

In the Victorian era, particular flowers (the little bouquets are called ‘Tussie Mussies’ or ‘talking bouquet’) were chosen to convey a certain message.  The Tussie Mussie in the photo is one that I made as part of my daughter’s Victorian outfit for a Victorian Day at school.

However, if you received flowers for Valentine’s Day recently, it is unlikely that the sender chose the flowers for their historical meanings, but it might be fun to work it out!

Below are a few ‘translations’:

carnation – admiration, fascination, ardent and pure love, unfading beauty

red rose – I love you, passion, desire, beauty, harmony, joy, charm, luck, pride, martyrdom

red and white roses – creative force, joy, unity

pink rose – grace, beauty

yellow rose – friendship, jealousy, unfaithful, forgive and forget

lily – purity, fruitfulness, majesty

snapdragon – you are dazzling, but dangerous!

yellow carnation – I do not believe you

freesia – innocence

pink tulip – love, imagination, dreaminess

red tulip – declaration of ardent love

yellow tulip – hopeless love

white tulip – lost love

ice – remembrance, gratitude

stock – promptness, lasting beauty

bleeding heart – fidelity

feverfew leaf – warmth, good health, you light up my life

A combination of various flowers and foliage could be used to convey messages for various occasions such as holidays, good health wishes, love and romance, friendship and celebrations.

Hmm, I wonder what the hidden meaning in receiving a box of chocolates is? Not sure I want an answer to that ;-)

If you’re interested in me writing in more detail about Tussie Mussies, just leave a comment below.

Whether you’re with someone or not today, make sure you do something special for yourself however small.

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1 Ash 01.01.09 at 4:45 pm

I know this is a little late, but more info on Tussie Mussies would be cool! I find it sad that it’s died out. What a wonderful way to express feelings :)

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