How to make a room spray

December 10, 2007

A simple recipe for making your own room spray/linen spray/natural air freshener:

You will need:

a 50ml bottle with a mister lid and cap (glass is best, but you can use plastic)
distilled or spring water
pure essential oils of your choice
vodka (if you want it to last a long time; also helps disperse the essential oils)

Put 30 ml (approx 1 fl.oz) of distilled or spring water into the bottle, add between 25 to 35 drops of pure essential oils into the water; this could be a blend of your favourite oils or just one eg lavender for a relaxing room spray/to spray on your laundry before drying.  Add 15ml of vodka (optional).  Top up with more distilled/spring water; you need to leave some space at the top of the bottle so you can shake and mix it later.

Put lid on tightly, shake well to disperse oils.  Spray to check scent.  It is best to wait about a week then try it again before deciding whether or not the scent is too weak.

A few precautions: Do not spray onto furniture/polished surfaces or anywhere near the face or directly onto the skin. i.e. spray into the air or onto sheets only.  Keep away from children and pets.

To find suppliers of bottles, essential oils and more check my website resources page.

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