Nettle Soup

April 23, 2009


Quick, if you haven’t made any nettle soup yet it’s probably your last chance to search for some young nettle shoots. The photo is of some nettle soup that I made a few weeks ago, it doesn’t look that appetising and could have been blended it bit finer but it tasted delicious. You can read about how I made the soup in 2007 in my post from back then.

This year I tried Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s recipe but without the potatoes because I wanted a lighter soup. You can read an adaptation of this nettle recipe at the Wildfoodie blog or on the River Cottage website here.

Alternatively, you could just stir fry or steam the nettles or add them to a risotto i.e. treat them a bit like spinach leaves. You must make sure they are cooked to avoid any stings though! Oh and you’ll need some rubber or leather gloves when rinsing and preparing them..

Why eat nettles? Well, they are high in iron, magnesium calcium, vitamin B complex, A, C, K and chlorophyll and thus a great spring tonic.

Anyone got any other good nettle recipes?


Happy Earth Day 2009

April 22, 2009



To celebrate Earth Day perhaps you would like to spend a few moments using your senses to notice and appreciate the wonders of mother nature.

It could be anything from digging your fingers in the earth, listening to the birds singing, walking barefoot on the grass, running your fingers through some herb plants and enjoying the scent, noticing the exquisite beauty of any flowers you see or the vivid green of the new leaves unfurling now.

How about taking some time to enjoy some fresh fruits or vegetables and savouring the taste and texture.

Have a go at sowing some herb, vegetable or flower seeds – there’s a fabulous detailed podcast all about greenhouses and seed sowing over at the Alternative Kitchen Garden (episode 86).

How about starting a herb patch – had to get that in of course! My e-book to help you do just that is coming out really soon…..

If you want some simple ways to save 10 euros and help the earth too, take a look at this video for some ideas:

Hope you have a wonderfully sensual day!

Have you guessed what the herb in the second photo is yet?

Feel free to leave your answers or comments about how you are celebrating earth day below.