The Cold & Flu Recipe That Works Like Magic

September 16, 2008

by Sue Young

I’d like to share this exceptional elixir with you. It is my mother’s remedy for colds and flu. I have used it whenever necessary all my life.

Cut up some citrus fruit (lemons, oranges, satsumas, grapefruit etc) and put in a big jug together with any or all of the following:

ginger root cut up

chopped garlic

whisky or brandy or any other tipple you prefer

a big lump of honey

If you like you could add herbs and spices of your choice. Then pour boiling water over it all and brew like tea. Then drink as much as you can and as hot as you can take until you feel better. The pot can be topped up with fresh boiling water until it becomes too diluted to drink. You can then chop up some more ingredients and start the process again!

This cold and flu recipe acts like magic. I highly recommend it.

Wonderful Garlic

Of all the culinary items that’s best for a detox, garlic comes top of the list. It cleanses the gastro-intestinal system, sterilizing it and creating a harmonious environment throughout. It has a cooling and cleansing action and is very soothing. It removes harmful globs of cholesterols and fats and cleanses the liver, encouraging it to health. It settles other secondary organs of the digestive system. Garlic is also good for the cardiovascular system, cleansing the arteries, improving the health of the skin, the balance of the mind and one’s overall health.

A good recommendation is to eat one clove at least every day.It is best not to cook it and its benefits get destroyed and don’t fry it with onions either. Garlic can be added to food once it has been cooked. In this way you will enjoy its full health benefits.

For those of you worried about the pungent aroma coming off your skin when you eat garlic, well this just proves how much you need to detox! Indeed it is the indicator of how much you need to detox. Keep at it, a clove a day and you will notice how quickly this smell disappears, proving quite nicely how effective garlic is in detoxing your body and dissolving all those unwanted fats and cholesterols!

Sue Young is a homeopathic therapist based in London, England. For a consultation please visit homeopathy london or homeopath london. She publishes a regular blog on her site which includes these and lots of other articles.

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