Violets and Jelly

April 5, 2007

Look what I found at the bottom of the garden; some lovely violets. They can be dried for use in pot pourri or made into Violet Jelly which looks wonderful. You can find a recipe here. I picked some flowers which smelt heavenly when piled up in a jug and had a go at making the jelly but made the mistake of adding unrefined cane sugar which is light brown so the subtle violet colour didn’t show up. There is no end to the different sorts of herb jellies you can make, the most popular one being mint jelly to have with lamb.

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1 Christa 04.20.07 at 2:53 am

I never knew jelly could be made from violets. I love the color of it. I have violets blooming in my garden right now but not nearly enough for this recipe. I would love to try it sometime.

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