Winter herb gardening

December 4, 2007

It’s getting to that time of year when the number of days that I can get into the garden without getting rained on or feeling the cold are getting fewer and fewer.  My pineapple sage, rose scented geraniums and rosemary cuttings have had to come indoors now; the greenhouse isn’t frost free.

To cheer myself up, I’m gathering the following items for an indulgent spot of herb garden planning/dreaming.  For this I need the following:

1. A supply of herb seed and plant catalogues, this must include the Suffolk Herbs catalogue which is a joy to browse through.

2.  A pad of paper to write my lists of herb seeds or plants I’d like for next year.

3.  Some graph or plain paper to sketch out my plants in my new herb garden or pots.

4.  A hot drink and tasty snack!

5.  Some inspirational herb garden photos in the many herb books that I have to give me some ideas on combinations.

6.  A copy of my notes to date on my forthcoming book about how to start a herb garden which has lots of theme ideas in it.

If I’m feeling more ‘computery’, I would add my plant wish list to my new garden at which I’m just trying out.  You can design your garden layout, add plants you have and plants you want, receive care instructions for the plants you have, read reviews of various retailers, garden designers, see other members gardens and lots more.

Next you can stare out at your garden and dream about how great it will all look!

I’m feeling better already even though I didn’t progress my herb beds as much as I had planned this year, I know that next year it can only get better!

This post has been produced to inspire you and also to contribute to Emma’s Winter Carnival which takes place on Wednesday 5th December at I hope you enjoyed it.

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